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June 2018 Frozen & Refrigerated Buyer Magazine

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LEFT BEHIND Although females do the vast majority of food shopping, industry leadership is overwhelmingly male. What’s keeping women from climbing to the top of the ladder of success?

THE DATABANK Sales data from IRI, courtesy of Peter Penguin and Bessie Bovine.

OUT DENISE’S WAY One woman’s take on gender equality in retail.

DISHING ON DELI How do you meet growing demand for more plant-based ingredients in meals and side dishes? Plus, a new report from FMI on lunchtime foodservice opportunities.

CHECK IT OUT! Meal kits explode, six reasons why your promos may be slipping, Warren Thayer wins a national award for his columns, and SpartanNash funds a service dog.

COOL INSIGHTS Frozen and refrigerated food sales have rebounded nicely since the fall. What’s driving the turnaround?

FRUIT RIPE FOR A TURNAROUND A bumper crop of new single-serve items is expected to help jumpstart growth.

FROZEN VEGGIES UP 2.3% Whether mashed, riced or spiralized, new formats are driving growth in a ‘mature’ category.

MEXICAN BUOYED BY MILLENNIALS Demand for bold, ethnic flavors fuels gains.

NEW PRODUCTS Our roundup of the latest and greatest frozen and refrigerated fare.

LOGISTICS With FSMA in full force, innovative new reefer equipment designs and basic online training help shippers and carriers keep food safe.

THE ENDCAP Highlights from a cross-country road trip that included stops at way too many grocery stores.


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