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PUBLIX POSITIONS FOR THE FUTURE While it grapples with how to translate its legendary customer service prowess to online shopping, the chain dips a toe in the loyalty card pool and debuts a new foodie-centric format.

THE DATABANK Sales data from IRI, courtesy of Peter Penguin and Bessie Bovine.

OUT WARREN’S WAY Thirty-minute delivery is a bad idea. Are we ready for Megetables? Plus, shelf stocking mysteries and the Vanilla Police.

CHECK IT OUT! Whether it’s plant-based burgers or ‘clean meat’ burgers made from animal cell cultures in a lab, it’s time to hop on board the meatless burger train.

COOL INSIGHTS Frozen pizza dollar sales are growing as more households are buying with greater frequency and spending more per trip. Here’s a look at channel breakouts and demographic shifts.

FROZEN ENTREES GO PREMIUM Whether healthy plant-based bowl or hearty, QSR-inspired comfort food, today’s frozen meals have to be high quality.

NEW FLAVORS SPARK DIPS & SPREADS The category is making gains with flavors that defy stereotypes, from savory to sweet and everything in between.

ICE CREAM IS POISED FOR GROWTH While Ben & Jerry’s plan to produce CBD-infused pints makes headlines, manufacturers say indulgent new flavors, non-dairy alternatives and snack sizes will boost sales.

FROZEN FRUIT VOLUME UP 2.3% But despite gains on the private label side, category dollars fall 2.8%. Could an influx of increasingly convenient and nutritious single-serves reverse the trend?

MEXICAN FOOD AT A CROSSROADS Convenient single-serve bowls and handhelds are gaining momentum, but more consumers are looking for authenticity and clean labels as well.

NEW PRODUCTS Magnificent new items made in state-of-the-art factories by workers who are all above average.

LOGISTICS With new emissions limits on the way for trucks in California, fleets ponder ways to electrify their diesel-powered transport refrigeration units.

THE ENDCAP Best-loved stores, top restaurant trends, stereotypes vegans hate, consumer disloyalty, ‘gonna barf!’ and more!


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