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Frozen & Refrigerated Buyer Cover Jan Feb 2020

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IT’S SHOWTIME! Which new products will grab the spotlight?

THE DATABANK Sales data from IRI, courtesy of Peter Penguin and Bessie Bovine.

OUT DENISE’S WAY More CPG marketing spend is going to price than brand-building. Are we heading in the wrong direction?

COOL INSIGHTS If a recession comes in 2020, it probably won’t be as tough or as long as ‘The Great Recession.’ But it never hurts to be ready. Here are 8 lessons we learned in 2007-2009.

CHECK IT OUT! Don Stuart reveals how to profit from plants, the NFRA celebrates its 75th anniversary, and frozen and refrigerated manufacturers share their thoughts on Target.

BREAD & DOUGH PLAY SEE-SAW Fresh-baked climbed 3.1%, with private label up 11.2%. Dough fell 0.3%, with private label down 13.9%. Cookie dough? Up 241.4%. What gives?

DIPPY EGGS Total dollars are down, but the premium, humanely raised segment continues to heat up. Are you giving these growth-drivers enough space — and educating shoppers on the differences?

BUMPER CROP Plain frozen veggie sales climbed another 2.6%, but manufacturers continue to roll out new forms and formats for consumers determined to add more plants to their diet.

DIPS & SPREADS SPROUT UP At the intersection of the plant-based and snacking trends, innovative new products drive continued growth.

SNACK SALES JUMP 4.1% Conventional products remain popular, but younger consumers in particular are seeking cleaner, healthier alternatives.

NEW PRODUCTS Our roundup of the latest and greatest frozen and refrigerated fare.

LOGISTICS Use of electronic logging devices is now the law. They may pave the way to fairer compensation for truck drivers and more accurate billing of fleet customers. Here’s what to expect.

THE ENDCAP The naughty and nice; club store saturation; Amazon grocery delivery doubles; Conagra’s Publix promo; two things that drive me nuts.


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