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RACISM Statements of condemnation came first. But what’s the industry’s next move? The answers aren’t always black and white (or Black and white).

OUT DENISE’S WAY Forget being color blind; to truly effect change, our industry needs to become color brave.

CHECK IT OUT! Raley’s opens its first O-N-E Market, the NFRA bestows 25 Golden Penguin Awards, and Adnan Durrani discusses emerging trends now on the fast track.

COOL INSIGHTS Frozen food’s 21.9% dollar sales gain so far this year outperformed all other departments. That pace is slowing, but it’s still in the double digits.

UN-DOUGH-NIABLE Paced by the dough segment’s whopping 56.3% gain, bread and dough outperform the frozen department. But the category needs its space back if the momentum is to continue.

FRESH EGG GROWTH CRACKS 40% Could growing demand for healthy food combined with new, egg-friendly dietary guidelines push the category even higher?

PANDEMIC SNACKING DRIVES HUGE GAINS Frozen snack sales jump 47.5% as consumers stuck at home opt for all-day grazing instead of traditional meals.

LOGISTICS Lineage enters Canada via purchase of Ontario Refrigerated Service and RLS creates joint venture with PROs.

NEW PRODUCTS Our roundup of the latest and greatest frozen and refrigerated fare

THE ENDCAP Is the industry finally moving in the right direction in supporting opportunities for Black workers? It depends on who you ask.


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