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THE HOT LIST Up more than 10%, a handful of fast-moving frozen and refrigerated categories are setting registers on fire. Are you seeing the same gains in your stores?

THE DATABANK Sales data from IRI, courtesy of Peter Penguin and Bessie Bovine.

OUT DENISE’S WAY As the inevitable meal kit shakeout begins, a fast-food leader tests the waters.

CHECK IT OUT! Coborn’s scores big with ‘local’ and ‘better-for-you’ storewide, including in frozen.

COOL INSIGHTS Despite fresh perimeter successes, frozen continues to deliver solid growth that outpaces other edible center-store departments.

INDULGENCE IS BACK! Hot-selling better-for-you pints show signs of slowing as more consumers opt for superpremium ice cream.

SOMETHING TO CROW ABOUT! Manufacturers predict continued strong growth in the cage-free and pasture-raised egg segments.

SNACKS & APPS GROW UP Millennials were raised on frozen snacks, but as adults, they expect more. From ethnic flavors and clean labels to plant-based products and new formats, manufacturers are delivering.

BREAD CLEANS UP While it’s true the frozen bread and dough category had become a bit, well…stale, an influx of clean label, better-for-you options is expected to jumpstart sales.

NEW PRODUCTS Our roundup of the latest and greatest frozen and refrigerated fare.

LOGISTICS Got drivers? Or trucks? Probably not enough of either, and it’s costing the industry plenty.

THE ENDCAP How our industry gets curiouser and curiouser.


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