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WHAT’S ON THE MENU? Industry observers say consumers’ appetite for frozen foods will only grow in 2019. Key ingredients include e-commerce, premium private label, meal kits, small formats and targeted promotions.

THE DATABANK Sales data from IRI, courtesy of Peter Penguin and Bessie Bovine.

OUT WARREN’S WAY A ramble about what’s changed, what hasn’t and (sigh) what never will.

COOL INSIGHTS Todd Hale says frozen food is the unsung hero of drugstore chains, and there’s room for further growth.

CHECK IT OUT! Golden Penguin winners, Kroger’s private label success, growing club sales, GreenChill awards, ‘breakfast believers’ and some thoughts on Amazon Go.

EGGS HARD TO BEAT Consumption is expected to hit an all-time high, and prices continue to rebound.

ASIAN GETS AUTHENTIC Single-serve bowls and on-trend apps drive continued growth in the increasingly crowded frozen segment.

FROZEN VEGGIES TAKE OVER MEALTIME Millennials are making meatless Mondays last all week.

FROZEN FRUIT BLOSSOMS After a difficult 2017, the category is making a comeback. Smoothie kits, single-serves and locally grown are all key.

M’M, M’M GOOD FOR YOU Both fresh and frozen soups registered double-digit gains during the most recent 12 weeks.

ITALIAN IS NUMERO UNO! It’s still America’s favorite ethnic cuisine, but today’s Italian food is cleaner, leaner and more premium.

DESSERTS DELIVER CONVENIENCE Sales are down slightly. Could clean-label minis drive gains?

SHRIMP COMES UP BIG The segment’s 9.9% gain drove the entire seafood category.

NEW PRODUCTS Our roundup of the latest and greatest frozen and refrigerated fare.

LOGISTICS Can automated vehicles close the gap on last-mile grocery delivery? Plus, news from around the industry.

THE ENDCAP Confused about whether almond milk comes from cows, or has the same nutritional value? You’re not alone, and Congress is coming to help!


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