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Category: Features

How They Shop

Understanding how consumers shop for plant-based products is the first step to maximize trial and conversion. Plant-based food and beverage products are positioned in the

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Frozen Left Out in the Cold

There’s something missing from retailers’ post-pandemic private label plans. Although we were able to include some of the contents of FMI’s new report The Power

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Fighting Cooking Fatigue

Shoppers are tired of cooking. How can you offer differentiation so they prefer your stores, and not your competitors’? Acosta’s recent COVID-19: Reinventing How America

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Cheetah Sprints to Grab Share

CHEETAH SPRINTS TO GRAB SHARE Out on the WestCoast, there’s been a lot of buzz about San Francisco-based Cheetah (gocheetah.com). It’s a downloadable e-commerce platform

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Out Warren's Way

Kerfuffles and Hoo-hahs

Prime pick-and-packer problems, an Oklahoma packaging lawsuit and cheers to the Penguin winners. There’s been quite the kerfuffle of late about order pickers from Amazon

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NFRA Honors Penguin Winners

Penguin Winner Awards go to retailers, manufacturers and sales agents for outstanding merchandising. Winners of Golden and Silver Penguin awards have been announced for the

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Wall Street Hears Mixed Bag

Calls with securities analysts show Dollar General is still adding coolers, BJ’s is speeding up resets and Sanderson Farms is hurt by foodservice woes. Dollar

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Out Warren's Way

The Wake-Up Call

It’s time to shake up your plant-based merchandising before your competitor eats your lunch (and dinner). If there was ever a wake-up call, this was

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