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Category: Features

Out Denise's Way


TPRs have their place, but targeted, customized offers are the real key to successful promotion. A new report from RSR in partnership with Symphony RetailAI

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A $15 Minimum Wage?

Retailers recognize the need for change regarding minimum wage, but worry about how much and how soon. With a $15 minimum wage potentially looming on

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Opportunities Abound for 2021

Here’s an expert look at rapidly evolving consumer trends and how you can profit from them. Shoppers are experimenting with home cooking, using new foods

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Check It Out!

Check It Out! | Jan-Feb 2021

Just Sayin’ Here’s one retailer’s candid thoughts on what vendors should know about new item presentations. First of all, don’t come in with a 90-page

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Out Warren's Way

Just Sayin’ Debuts

Want to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable? Read on… Here’s your opportunity to sound off on what’s bugging you about our beloved industry.

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Farewell, 2020

An intercepted verbal battle between Vinnie Vendor and Rhonda Retailer (remember them?) as we bid adieu to a horrible year. VINNIE VENDOR: What’s with all

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Out Warren's Way

Keep Calm and Carry On

Despite losing some space, the frozen bread and dough segment is rising fast. But more innovative assortments and improved merchandising are needed to keep the

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TV Dinner Memories

Back in the last century, when this cartoon first appeared in The New Yorker, my kids were still small. TV dinners never met with their

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And Kevin Schwab is now on deck. Joe D’Alberto, director of dairy/ frozen on the Harris Teeter team for Acosta Sales & Marketing, has been

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