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It’s time to refocus on maximizing consumer satisfaction while minimizing cost. We tried once and failed. It’s time to try again. Remember Efficient Consumer Response,

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‘WHOOPS, TYPO!’ In late October, Whole Foods started charging $9.95 per delivery. Here’s how Walmart helped spread the word. “You may have heard that starting

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A $15 Minimum Wage?

Retailers recognize the need for change regarding minimum wage, but worry about how much and how soon. With a $15 minimum wage potentially looming on

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Opportunities Abound for 2021

Here’s an expert look at rapidly evolving consumer trends and how you can profit from them. Shoppers are experimenting with home cooking, using new foods

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Farewell, 2020

An intercepted verbal battle between Vinnie Vendor and Rhonda Retailer (remember them?) as we bid adieu to a horrible year. VINNIE VENDOR: What’s with all

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TV Dinner Memories

Back in the last century, when this cartoon first appeared in The New Yorker, my kids were still small. TV dinners never met with their

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Fighting Cooking Fatigue

Shoppers are tired of cooking. How can you offer differentiation so they prefer your stores, and not your competitors’? Acosta’s recent COVID-19: Reinventing How America

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Wall Street Hears Mixed Bag

Calls with securities analysts show Dollar General is still adding coolers, BJ’s is speeding up resets and Sanderson Farms is hurt by foodservice woes. Dollar

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