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What’s Next?

COVID changes the rules on innovation. In normal times, product development specialists would rely heavily on sales data from the past year to help identify

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Cover Story

Whole Foods Gets it Half Right

Nearly four years post-acquisition, the chain leads the way in online shopping. But the in-store experience leaves something to be desired. The minute Amazon acquired

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Sprouts Returns to its Roots

The natural chain uses a differentiated assortment, including innovative new frozen items, to win over core consumers. [hr] Since the pandemic struck in March, consumers

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Dips & Spreads Blossom

The all-day snacking trend was already driving growth. But new plant-based offerings are taking the segment to the next level. [hr] The refrigerated dips (+13.7%),

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A Change In The Wind

National brands are outperforming private label for the first time in years. Will it blow over or is this another ‘new normal’? [hr] From shuttered

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Statements of condemnation came first. But what’s the industry’s next move? The answers aren’t always black and white (or Black and white).   [hr] The

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Kroger Hits It’s Stride

Kroger, aided by a database that’s the envy of the industry, the leading chain’s forward-thinking on everything from e-commerce to private brands has helped position

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Walmart – Retailer of The Year

Walmart, the legendary supply chain and e-commerce capabilities helped make it a shutdown star. Just a few short months ago, targeted offers, curated assortments and

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