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Category: Category Spotlights

Walmart – Retailer of The Year

Walmart, the legendary supply chain and e-commerce capabilities helped make it a shutdown star. Just a few short months ago, targeted offers, curated assortments and

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Raking In The Dough

Renewed interest in baking turns frozen dough into an unlikely “winner” during the coronavirus shutdown. Although coronavirus panic buying lifted grocery sales across the board,

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Pandemic Eggs Scramble

The price of eggs surge then drops as panic buying ebbs. But will higher demand be the “new normal”?  Compared with the same period in

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Desserts – Home Sweet Home

Consumers stuck at home for the foreseeable future stocked up on frozen desserts. Premium, convenient and single-serve options are among their favorites. When it comes

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Frozen Breakfast – Rise & Shine

Frozen breakfast sales were up another 2.5% during the most recent 12 weeks. New entries offer convenient solutions for consumers following specialty diets. Dollar sales

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Category Spotlights

5 Ways To Grow Your Milk Sales

Here are ideas from an expert on how you can differentiate your offering and grow your milk sales.  Promoting segments other than gallon milk “at

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Category Spotlights

PL Drives 3.8% Frozen Fruit Gain

Own Frozen Fruit brands climb 7.6% to $251 million in 12 weeks, as brands post double-digit gains and losses. But there’s plenty in the innovation

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