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Wegmans Wegmania ‘Rages On’

Thanks to Wegmans consumer- centric philosophy, the family-owned chain remains a shopper favorite. Consistently named one of America’s favorite supermarkets, Rochester, N.Y.-based Wegmans inspires what

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Ice Cream Heats Up

Innovative new offerings will help bring the ice cream parlor experience home this summer. [hr] While consumers facing weeks at home were focused on filling

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Frozen Fruit Blossoms

Functional blends, more affordable organic frozen fruit options and the industry’s first keto-certified smoothie kits promise continued growth for one of the pandemic’s biggest winners.

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Dinners & Entrees Up 22.9%

High-quality multi-serve Dinner & Entrees lead the way as consumers look for convenient ways to feed their families. [hr] Stuck at home with limited alternatives

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Frozen Veggies Take Over

No longer just a side dish, veggies are making a big push into the frozen appetizer segment. Next up: the frozen bread category. The plant-based

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Pizza, A Pandemic Fave

The panic-buying surge sent quarterly sales up 38.2%. But manufacturers are determined to keep newcomers to the pizza category in the frozen aisle. On the

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Kroger Hits It’s Stride

Kroger, aided by a database that’s the envy of the industry, the leading chain’s forward-thinking on everything from e-commerce to private brands has helped position

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Frozen Asian Fills The Gap

With many restaurants closed, consumers with a yen for takeout are turning to Frozen Asian. Americans may have been on lockdown but it didn’t diminish

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Walmart – Retailer of The Year

Walmart, the legendary supply chain and e-commerce capabilities helped make it a shutdown star. Just a few short months ago, targeted offers, curated assortments and

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Raking In The Dough

Renewed interest in baking turns frozen dough into an unlikely “winner” during the coronavirus shutdown. Although coronavirus panic buying lifted grocery sales across the board,

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