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Consumers seeking healthy alternatives to more ‘everyday’ proteins drive a whopping 50.6% increase in frozen sales. It took a pandemic – along with temporary shortages

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Veggies Take Root

Sales are up 17.7% over last year as a young demographic goes green. [hr] Cauliflower and broccoli, once pushed to the edge of the plate

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Top of the Morning

Up more than 20%, handhelds and entrees drive frozen breakfast category growth – and new intros skew toward premium. Frozen breakfast sales jumped 18.0% to

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Ice cream and frozen novelties post double-digit gains during ‘extended’ summer season. But new innovation will help keep the momentum going long after the kids

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Asian Food Up 51.5%

Unable to dine at restaurants and leery of takeout, consumers discover frozen options are an excellent way to enjoy their favorite asian cuisine. [hr] Even

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Meat-ing New Needs

Consumers are still eating real meat, but they want easy, convenient meal solutions and more natural, ethical products. [hr] While plant-based meat alternatives have grabbed

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Statements of condemnation came first. But what’s the industry’s next move? The answers aren’t always black and white (or Black and white).   [hr] The

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Fresh Eggs Growth Cracks 40%

Could growing demand for healthy food combined with new, fresh egg-friendly dietary guidelines push the category even higher? [hr] During the 12 weeks ended June

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Paced by the dough segment’s whopping 56.3% gain, bread and dough outperformed the frozen department as a whole. But the category needs its space back

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