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Ling Ling

Inspired by tradition.

From potstickers and fried rice to tonkotsu ramen and spring rolls, our dishes are many of Asia’s all-time classics. It takes more expertise, care and effort to keep our offerings authentic, but it’s the only way to maintain the high-quality standards that made these recipes timeless.

Authentic Asian flavors.

Our delectable dishes are inspired by generations-old recipes and prepared by chefs trained in the traditional styles of each region.

Pure, wholesome ingredients.

From noodles and rice to vegetables and meats, we honor classic Asian cuisine with cleaner, fresher ingredients.

Crafted by chefs.

Our chefs are connoisseurs of Asian culinary traditions, bringing reverence to each recipe and its region of origin. Their knowledge and experience shapes every Ling Ling dish, so you don’t have to visit Asia to enjoy its timeless tastes.

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