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Bernatello’s Foods

About Us

At Bernatello's are a family owned and operated business since 1982. We are experts in the Pizza industry! Our Manufacturing Headquarters produces over 100,000 pizzas per day. We manufacture pizzas under the following brands: Bellatoria, Brew Pub, Orv’s, Roma, and Pizza Corner .


Our Pizzas, Snacks, and Garlic Cheese Breads are distributed through our DirectStore Distribution system within the Midwest Region (WI, MN, IA, ND, SD, U.P. MI, NE, IL, KS). Our Bellatoria and Brew Pub brands are located in select regions throughout the United States through direct warehouse programs and club stores.

In addition to producing, distributing and marketing our own quality brands, we also provide private label manufacturing, marketing consultation, distribution and delivery, warehousing, storage, and packaging for our partners and others.  Contact us today to learn about how Bernatello’s Foods can enhance your private label food business by providing the same proven services.

*Private Label Food Manufacturing
*Distribution and Delivery of Foods
*Warehousing and Storage of Foods
*Food Packaging (made to your specifications)
*Food Marketing Consultation

Bernatello's Mission Statement

“At Bernatello’s, we are dedicated to the marketing and manufacturing of innovative, quality pizza and frozen products, while providing outstanding service and value to our retailers and customers.”

Bernatello's Values

The core values of Bernatello’s are the cornerstone of who we are and what we stand for. We value our people; they are our greatest asset!

At Bernatello’s, we provide a safe and healthy work environment, demonstrate respect for people, maintain the highest ethical behavior, and strive toward environmental stewardship.

The Company Today...

Bernatello's Pizza is continually growing to be a strong frozen pizza competitor in the Midwest. Brew Pub Pizza was launched in 2013 as a super premium brand and continues to grow with a strong presence in the Midwest markets. Today Bernatello's Pizza continues to be a family owned and operated business with the plan to continue to grow.


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Eau Claire, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin, United States
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