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Especially with peak selling seasons upon us, stand-alone units can reduce out-of-stocks and build brand awareness.


Frozen and refrigerated food departments have limited space, not only producing out-of-stocks but leaving up-and-coming brands out in the cold. This is especially true in peak selling seasons. Resets can be rare and store remodels even rarer, but some retailers and manufacturers have found success with a tried-and-true stand-by: free-standing display units. Here are four points to consider: 

1. Building Brand Awareness

Whether used for primary or secondary placement, merchandising new products in a free-standing, branded cooler can help retailers and brands establish or expand their customer bases. They can also demonstrate whether a new item deserves space in the regular lineup, while building trial and brand recognition.

2. Adding Flexibility  

Existing brands can get extra facings in these units during peak periods, such as ice cream in summer and bread/dough in holiday seasons. This can help increase sales and decrease out-of-stocks. Leasing equipment for short periods lets brands scale and test new offerings.

3. Expanding Opportunities  

Secondary displays can allow cross-merchandising, such as milk in the cereal aisle, eggs in the baking aisle and creamers with coffee. This boosts impulse sales. 

4. Budgeting Options  

Emerging food and beverage brands often have low promotion budgets, but may find free-standing cases both efficient and effective for brand building, with less investment than alternatives. 


Erin Ryan is sales solution manager at Lowe Rental Inc.

She can be reached at erin.ryan@lowerental.com

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