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Protein, meaty taste, convenience and value hit all the consumer hot buttons. Here’s how to cash in. 

Shoppers love meaty and flavorful breakfast foods at an affordable price. What’s more, they’ll reward you with loyalty and repeat purchases if you stock and draw attention to them in your frozen and refrigerated cases. You’ll be hitting all the proven key hot buttons for consumers: Taste, convenience, high protein and value. 

Interest in protein has been out there for a long time, but today it is more important than ever. Consider how many package fronts now call out grams of protein. Full-flavor and convenient meaty proteins have always been on the majority of shoppers’ breakfast menus. So be sure to position these products prominently so shoppers can find them easily. 

To better understand consumer hot buttons in meat/protein-based breakfast foods, promote products that “smooshers” and “chewers” like; evidence suggests they already adore and repeat-purchase foods with certain textures. Texture claims are showing up increasingly on food packaging. 

Researchers say “smooshers” enjoy foods that can provide a smooth and creaming feeling — products that they can manipulate between the tongue and roof of the mouth without using teeth. “Chewers” like prolonged chewing. There are also “crunchers” and “suckers.” Knowing the differences (starting with a quick Google search) can help you with targeting specific consumer sets.  

Many Americans eat three to seven portions of these foods per week. You need to keep that flow of affordable options in-stock for your shoppers. Which tees us up for value.

Value in the minds of consumers is intertwined with price sensitivity and possible alternative purchases. You’re competing not only with other supermarkets, but with foodservice. 

Carefully curate your merchandise mix to appeal to your shoppers’ desires, whether they’re 7 or 107 years old. Often, demand and desire come from breakfast options down the street in foodservice. Your opportunity lies in promoting to shoppers that they can make hot, home-cooked breakfast meals full of protein at home — at a better value than fast feeders. 

How do you do that? 

—Stay in stock with breakfast items that can be cooked/heated within two to 10 minutes. With the pandemic easing, don’t lose sales (and customers!) to out-of-stock shelves. Bolster your inventories for shopper pick-up, delivery and in-store purchases. Shoppers are adding to their shopping carts digitally, hours and days ahead of time. If you don’t have a product in-stock digitally, shoppers often simply start a new cart at a competitor. 

—Promote “breakfast all day.” Many restaurants do, and it works! 

—In mailers and ads, work with brands to promote breakfast recipes.

—Position similar breakfast items together, such as eggs close to bacon, sausage, etc. in fresh cases.

—Offer your own meal kits by positioning all the ingredients for a complete breakfast together or nearby. 

—Promote the convenience of “ready-in-minutes” packaged foods that require nothing more than time in the microwave or oven. 

—Keep an eye on the rise in demand for items such as handhelds, balls and nuggets. Handhelds are great for heat-and-serve at home or on-the-go occasions. And make sure you provide for consumers who want their protein in meat alternatives. 

—Position more products featuring portioned grinds in frozen and refrigerated breakfast cases. They’re in high demand for their value and flavor selections. 

—Consider merchandising products targeted to users of air fryers and breakfast sandwich machines. n

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