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Ihe Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA), Alexandria, Va., recently released its annual list of the largest temperature-controlled warehousing and logistics members. Rankings are based on total temperature-controlled space capacity.

North American GCCA members currently own or operate 4.23 billion cubic feet, up 473 million cubic feet since publication of the 2020 list, due in part to the high number of mergers and acquisitions. The industry as a whole did not necessarily grow at the same pace. “Consolidation continues to play a major role in the growth of the largest players in the cold storage industry,” confirms GCCA president and CEO Matthew R. Ott. The top 25 in North America and the amount of temperature-controlled space they own or operate (in cubic feet) include:

1. Lineage Logistics (1,830,359,454)

2. Americold Logistics (1,161,403,908)

3. United States Cold Storage (423,328,669)

4. Interstate Warehousing, Inc. (115,735,371)

5. VersaCold Logistics Services (105,530,974)

6. Conestoga Cold Storage (64,313,826)

7. Congebec Logistics, Inc. (60,866,880)

8. RLS Logistics (59,028,604)

9. Burris Logistics (58,887,444)

10. NewCold Holdings, LLC (47,972,150)

11. Confederation Freezers-Brampton (34,495,000)

12. Trenton Cold Storage, Inc. (34,277,373)

13. Nor-Am Cold Storage (34,071,792)

14. WOW Logistics (23,406,700)

15. Enstructure LLC (21,450,000)

16. Interstate Cold Storage, Inc. (21,403,000)

17. SnoTemp Cold Storage (19,067,775)

18. Valley Cold Storage & Transportation (18,002,030)

19. Central Storage & Warehouse LLC (16,678,389)

20. MWCold (15,159,000)

21. Bellingham Cold Storage Co. (15,147,000)

22. CWI Logistics (13,200,000)

23. Innovative Cold Storage Enterprises, Inc. (11,850,000)

24. Frez-N-Stor, Inc. (11,027,078)

25. Eskimo Cold Storage, LLC (10,900,000)

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