Albertsons; Family Dollar; Brave Robot

Teamsters May Strike Albertsons

98% of teamsters at a 900,000-square-foot Albertsons DC outside Phoenix authorized a strike that could begin Feb. 27. A strike would protest what Teamsters Local 104 calls a failure to address COVID-19 safety concerns and violation of labor laws.

The DC services about 175 Albertsons, Safeway and Vons grocery stores throughout the Southwest.

A strike could begin at midnight on Feb. 27, when the workers’ collective bargaining agreement expires. For info,


Instacart, Family Dollar Partner

Instacart ( has begun a national partnership with Family Dollar ( It will deliver from more than 6,000 stores nationwide. This builds on the companies’ 275-store pilot started late last year.


Brave Robot Ice Cream

Brave Robot (, launched by The Urgent Company last July with animal-free dairy ice cream, will soon be in 5,000 retail stores. The product has “the taste and texture of traditional dairy ice cream, but less impact on the Earth,” Pints carry an SRP of $5.99.

The Urgent Company makes Brave Robot with non-animal whey protein that is molecularly identical to whey from cow’s milk. But it is made through fermentation. This means using less land, less water, and less greenhouse gas emissions. The product is not “like dairy,” it is dairy — just without the cows, the company says.



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