Lactose-Free Light Ice Cream

In partnership with Boardwalk Frozen Treats, Lafayette, Calif., Chicago-based fairlife
( makes its first foray into the frozen dessert category. Made with the company’s proprietary ultra-filtered milk (from cows raised without artificial growth hormones), fairlife Light Ice Cream comes in seven creamy, lactose-free flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Double Fudge Brownie, Java Chip and Mint Chip. Free of artificial preservatives and colors, all seven offer 8 or 9 grams of high quality protein per serving and 40% less sugar than traditional ice cream. They also contain either a third of the calories or half the fat (and in some cases, both). Packed eight to a case, each 14-ounce package carries a $4.98 SRP.

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