Blount Organics


Organic Blended Burgers & Meatballs

Bridgewater, N.J.-based Applegate (, a stand-alone subsidiary of Hormel Foods, unveils a line of frozen organic blended burgers and meatballs that combine real meat with whole vegetables, legumes and grains. Offered under the new Well Carved label, the chef-crafted collection includes Grass-Fed Beef Burgers (with a third cup of cauliflower, spinach, lentils and butternut squash), Turkey Burgers (with a quarter cup of sweet potato, white beans, kale and roasted onion), Asian-Style Pork Meatballs (with a quarter cup of brown rice, green onion, carrot and parsley), and Mediterranean-Style Turkey Meatballs (with a quarter cup of lentils, feta cheese and spinach. All four contain fewer calories, fat and saturated fat than their conventional counterparts. Packed 12 to a case, the burgers come in four-count, 15-ounce packages while the meatballs come in 10-count, 10-ounce packages. SRPs are $9.99 and $6.99, respectively.

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