HPP Guacamoles & Salsa

San Diego-based Chosen Foods ( enters the refrigerated segment with a collection of high-pressure processed guacamoles and salsa. Made with hand-scooped 100% Hass avocados and no preservatives or stabilizers, the kosher, non-GMO certified lineup includes both Classic and Spicy Guacamole (in 8-ounce containers and four-packs of 2-ounce singles), Avocado Mash (in four-packs only) and Avocado Tomatillo Salsa (in 12-ounce containers only). All six SKUs are packed six to a case. SRPs are $3.99 (8-ounce guacs), $4.99 (8-ounce four-packs) and $5.99 (12-ounce salsa).

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