Enlightened Launches Fruit Infusions Frozen Bars

New York-based Enlightened ( has introduced Fruit Infusions, said to be the first-ever functional frozen fruit bars. They are infused with adaptogens and contain 3-5g of sugar, which is 70-80% less than other fruit bars. The naturally sweetened flavors are:
WATERMELON + SOOTHE infused with turmeric, black pepper and rosemary, a trio known for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
STRAWBERRY + CHILL infused with lavender, chamomile and lemon balm, herbs traditionally used for promoting relaxation and relieving stress.
PINEAPPLE + RENEW infused with dandelion root, turmeric and ginger root, three botanicals popular in herbal teas known for supporting a healthy digestive system.
COCONUT + IMMUNITY infused with elderberry, hibiscus and aloe, plants traditionally recognized for promoting immune health.
“Our brand purpose is to provide consumers with feel-good, low-sugar frozen desserts, so one of our top priorities is finding new ways to put a healthful spin on beloved treats,” Enlightened founder and CEO Michael Shoretz said.

A four-pack carries a suggested retail of $5.99. They are avaiable now at Whole Foods and will launch on this summer.

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