High-Protein Plant-Based Yogurt

San Francisco-based Forager Project ( introduces organic plant-based yogurt traditionally cultured using live active probiotics. Billed as a category first, the high-protein, certified vegan product is made from ethically sourced and sustainably farmed ingredients, including coconut and cashew milk, watermelon and pumpkin seeds and brown rice. Available flavors include Unsweetened Plain and Vanilla, both in 16-ounce cups. The company also debuts organic dairy-free butter (in 10-ounce cups) crafted from organic cashews, coconut oil and Peruvian pink sea salt plus naturally creamy, subtly sweet organic oatmilk (in 48-ounce bottles) made from gluten-free oats. All three new items are packed six to a case and carry a $5.99 SRP.

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