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Trion Industries, Wilkes-Barre, Pa., has introduced the newest single-serve beverage pusher system, ZipTrack®. Each product lane quickly adjusts to fit skinny Red Bulls to oversize Gatorades while consistently keeping each drink pushed to the front for easy selection. The durable, American-made system uses the full shelf depth and eliminates space-wasting gravity feed shelves. For info, contact Trion at 800-444-4665,



Since 1965 Trion Industries, Inc. has been a leading American manufacturer of retail fixtures. Based in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Trion is rated among the top-50 North American Retail and Point-of- Purchase fixture makers. Product lines include Shelf Management Systems, ZipTrack® Single-Serve Beverage Pusher System, Display and Scanning Hooks, Cooler and Freezer Merchandising Systems, Storewide Labeling Systems, Anti-Theft and Security Fixtures, WonderBar® Merchandisers, Sign Systems, and POP Display Components and Hardware. Having earned over 120 United States and international patents for innovations, the firm first revolutionized merchandising with the introduction of the original straight-entry display hook in 1965, and the first scanning hook in 1978.


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