Blount Organics


Fresh Veggie Ramen

Austin, Texas-based Cece’s Veggie Co. ( launches a pair of fresh heat-and-eat ramen soups with riced vegetables that replace carb-heavy ramen noodles with fresh, certified organic zucchini noodles. The gluten-free soups come in two flavors: Veggie Noodle Ramen with Chicken Broth (with an organic, free-range, certified humane hard-cooked egg from Peckish) and Veggie Noodle Ramen with Vegan Shiitake Mushroom Broth. To prepare, consumers just add water and microwave or add boiling water. Packed six to a case, each two-serving, 11.75-ounce package is expected to retail for around $5.99.

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