Blount Organics


Plant-Based Dairy Alternatives

Forager Project (, expands its line of organic, plant-based dairy alternatives with certified vegan dairy-free butter and sour cream substitutes. Made from whole cashews, coconuts and Peruvian pink sea salt for a pleasant, earthy flavor, the minimally processed butter alternative can be used like dairy butter in baking and cooking or as a tasty spread. Also made from organic cashews and coconut cream — plus live, active probiotics — the traditionally cultured, naturally tangy dairy-free sour cream alternative boasts a creamy texture and no trans fat or added sugar. Both products are also free of gluten and soy. The butter alternative comes in 10-ounce containers with a $5.99 SRP while the sour cream alternative is offered in 12-ounce tubs with a $3.99 SRP. Both are packed six to a case.

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