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Probiotic Plant-Based Drinks

Lifeway Foods (, Morton Grove, Ill., introduces a line of organic, probiotic, plant-based drinks under the new Plantiful brand. Made of cultured non-GMO pea protein and other certified organic ingredients, the dairy-, gluten- and soy-free fermented beverages boast 10 live and active probiotic cultures to support gut health. Available flavors include Coconut Vanilla, Mixed Berry, Tropical Fruit and Plain, each of which offers 10 grams of plant protein per serving. Offered in both 8- and 24-ounce bottles (except Plain, which only comes in 24-ounce), the vegan beverages are expected to retail for $2.49 and $5.99, respectively. Both are packed six to a case. Lifeway also plans to roll out kid-friendly Plantiful pouches as a follow-up to its ProBugs line of kefir products.

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