Ready-to-Blend Frozen Smoothie Cups

Los Angeles-based Thrive! ( launches a line of pre-portioned frozen smoothie cups made with all-natural, superfood ingredients freshly cut and flash frozen. Ready to blend with consumers’ favorite liquid base, the single-serve, vegan smoothie mixes come in five gluten-free flavors made without added sugar and preservatives: Defend (strawberry, orange, mango, pineapple and papaya), Green (apple, pineapple, banana, mango, cucumber and spinach), Energy (strawberry, raspberry, mango, orange, blueberry, cherry and banana), Glow (cucumber, strawberry, kiwi, banana, ginger and mint) and Rise (banana, strawberry, peach, mango and orange). All ingredients are sourced in the United States. Packed 12 to a case, the grab-and-go smoothie mixes are offered in reusable 7.41-ounce cups. SRP is $4.99.

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