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Oat Beverages

Califia Farms (, Los Angeles, launches a pair of non-GMO, unsweetened oat milks made with North American-grown, gluten-free oats and no gums or stabilizers. Offered in 32-ounce tetra packs, Oat Barista Blend “steams beautifully” and is specially formulated to pair with espresso and coffee, though it can also be enjoyed on its own. Unsweetened Oatmilk in Califia Farms’ distinctive 42-ounce PET bottles can be poured over cereal or granola, blended in smoothies or used in a variety of recipes. Also good straight from the bottle, the vegan beverage is an excellent source of calcium and offers 5 grams of Omega-9 fatty acids per serving. Both products are free of nuts, allergens, soy and gluten; the unsweetened oatmilk is also free of carrageenan and BPA. Oat Barista Blend carries a $3.99 SRP while Unsweetened Oatmilk is expected to go for $4.49. Both come in 12-count cases.

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