Blount Organics


Nighttime Ice Cream

Nightfood Holdings ( debuts a line of ice cream specially formulated to be eaten at night — when approximately 80% of all at-home ice cream eating occurs. Billed as a category first, sleep-friendly Nightfood comes in eight flavors: Midnight Chocolate, Cookies ‘n Dreams, Cold-Brew Decaf, After-Dinner Mint Chip, Full Moon Vanilla, Milk & Cookie Dough, Bed and Breakfast and Cherry Eclipse (made with Montmorency tart cherries naturally high in melatonin). The frozen treat features a beneficial balance of fiber, protein and sugar that won’t disrupt the sleep cycle. It also includes minerals, amino acids and enzymes that address key sleep issues. Packed eight to a case, each 16-ounce pint carries a $4.99 SRP.

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