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Frozen Meal Kits

Arlington, Va.-based Nestlé USA introduces a collection of frozen family-size meal kits under its Stouffer’s label ( A first for the company, the ready-to-cook kits include all the ingredients consumers need to create a meal for four in less than 25 minutes — pre-chopped and pre-measured for ease of preparation. Available varieties include: Roasted Tuscan Style Chicken (with broccoli florets, brown rice and quinoa blend, and garlic basil sauce), Braised Pork (with BBQ sauce, roasted redskin and sweet potatoes, and broccoli florets), Sesame Chicken (with brown rice blend, vegetables and sweet plum ginger sauce) and Beef & Broccoli (with onions and carrots, rice and Asian style sauce). Each 46.75- to 47.25-ounce meal is expected to retail for $15.99.

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