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Handheld Mexican Pizzas

Denver-based Flagship Food Group expands its 505 Southwestern ( line of handheld “Nex-Mex” snacks with a collection of fast food-inspired MexiPizzas. Made in Albuquerque, N.M. (home of the 505 area code), the frozen meals/snacks feature three tortillas layered with cheese and beans, meat and sauce and cheese and peppers. Available flavors include Shredded Beef, Taco Beef, Chicken Tomatillo, Shredded Pork Carnitas and Bean & Cheese. Packed six to a case, each 13-ounce package contains two individually wrapped MexiPizzas, each with its own microwave susceptor disk to ensure crispiness. They can also be prepared in a conventional oven or on the grill. Flagship also debuts two-count packages of several of its other best-selling frozen snacks, including MexiWraps, MexiLupas and Shredded Tacos.

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