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Women’s Foodservice Forum Sets Workshop in 12 Cities

DALLAS, TX – Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF), a premier leadership development organization, will conduct a 12-city tour for Unleash Your Leadership Potential – a Leadership Development Workshop that provides women and men working in diverse industries and sectors of business the necessary leadership skills that can help them advance in their careers.

 Unleash Your Leadership Potential is open to anyone who wants to advance in his or her career and not stay behind the advancement or earning curves. Attendees of this one-day workshop will participate in networking and leadership learning that focus on four of the 12 research-based Core Leadership Competencies offered by WFF: Building Effective Networks; Taking Initiative: Gaining Confidence to Take Action; Influencing Others With Diplomacy; and Driving Results.

 The instructors for this event are Motivational Keynote Speaker and Front Row Leadership Expert, Marilyn Sherman; Master Certified Facilitator and Executive Coaching Expert, Jerry Magar; and New York Times Best Selling Author of Self Made, Nely Galan (instructing in Atlanta only).


The 12 cities and dates for WFF’s Unleash Your Leadership Potential – Leadership Development Workshops are:

Chicago, IL: September 27

Toronto, Ontario: September 30

Orlando, FL: October 4

Dallas, TX: October 6

Minneapolis, MN: October 11

Denver, CO: October 18

Washington, DC: October 20

Philadelphia, PA: October 25

Los Angeles, CA: November 1

Atlanta, GA: November 3

Houston, TX: November 9

Purchase, NY: November 18

 Studies show that more than 60 percent of the world’s employed women work in the services sector including foodservice, hospitality, travel, ecommerce, healthcare, financial, advertising, marketing and more. However, women face a gender wage gap globally, earning 77 percent of what men earn. Those same studies report that today, women earn what men were earning ten years ago. The global average annual earnings for women are 11K, compared to men’s earnings of 21K.

 WFF delivers a research-based, leadership development curriculum that teaches women the leadership skills necessary for them to help narrow the gap.

 To register to attend Unleash Your Leadership Potential, visit The fee is $350 per person. Seats in each city are limited.



The Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF) is the industry’s premier leadership development organization with more than 25 years of experience advancing women in the foodservice industry. WFF serves thousands of individuals and hundreds of employers in all segments of the industry including operations, manufacturing, distribution, publishing, consulting and more.  Through highly effective and educational events such as the Annual Leadership Development Conference, Executive Summit, leadership development programs and rich networking opportunities, WFF provides the competence and strategic connections needed to make a positive difference in the careers of women in the foodservice industry.  For more information, visit


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